My favourite YouTube channels

Heyy guyssss,

How are you??? I was just working on my korean and watching some YouTube videos from english spoken YouTube channels from people who live / have lived in South Korea. I personally have two favourite YouTube channels and I thought, well why not share it with you. So here are my two favs:


This one is my absolute favourite, this woman, Megan Bowen is really fun and has lived a few years in South Korea now. She really knows a lot of it and I’ve learned so much from her videos. I really recommend you to watch her videos. here’s a link to her channel:

Simon and Martina:

really fun channel too, it’s from a couple who are very funny. They have two subjects mainly: eatyourkimchi about South Korea and eatyoursushi, which is about Japan and living there. Very interesting to see both of them, especially all the differences between South Korea and Japan. And here’s the link to their channel:


Be sure to watch them! And have fun with it 🙂

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