Bibimbap means mixed rice in Korean. You can have a lot of different components in it, like meat, red bell pepper, carrot, soy bean sprouts, cucumber, zuchini, mushrooms, spinach. But there are various versions of bibimbap. Last week I made bibimbap myself for the first time and I really enjoyed cooking it. It takes some time and it’s good to do some preparation before you make it (else you can get in a bit of a stressful situation like me, but luckily everything went well). Here’s a picture of how I made it:

zelfgemaakte bibimbap

and the week before I had also eaten bibimbap, but that was in a Thai restaurant in Albir, Spain. It was very different than ones I had seen before since this one had a lot of different meat and fish in it. Sadly I wasn’t able to get a picture before the waiter came to stir it all up, but here’s a picture of what it looked like after stirring:

bibimbap banana tree

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