South Korea

About South Korea

On this map you can see that South Korea lies between China and Japan, and also beneath North Korea. South Korea is one of the few countries where the seasons are so different from each other. Springs in South Korea are warm and lots of flowers bloom at that time, they last from March till May. Summers last from June till early September, in those months it’s muggy and hot. In the middle of the year there’s also a raining season in which it’s not unusual to have fluctuations and heavy rainfall. If you want to visit South Korea, autumn is the best season to go there. The weather is very mild at that time. It lasts from September until November. Winters last from December till mid-March and are bitterly cold due to the cold air coming from Siberia. There is a lot of snow in the north and eastern parts of South Korea during these months, what makes them good places for skiing.

The official name of South Korea is the Republic of Korea. The name Korea is derived from the ancient kingdom of Goguryeo, a.k.a. Koryo. Korea used to be one country and in 1910 it was annexed by the imperial Japan.  After 35 years, in 1945, Japan surrendered and Korea was independent again, but it was split up in North and South Korea. 5 years after regaining their freedom North Korea invaded South Korea, which was the beginning of the Korean war, the war lasted 3 years.

92% of the South Korean inhabitants live in the cities and half of them live in Seoul (the capital from South Korea) or the area around it. Seoul is the world’s sixth leading global city with the fourth largest economy. The Seoul capital area has 25 million inhabitants and the total of inhabitants in South Korea is 51.5 million.