Korea Fan Girl

hey everybody, Lotte here. Okay so I’m going to tell you a little about myself; I’m from the Netherlands, so I speak Dutch. I am 16 years old, I’m from january the 23rd so some would say I am a capricorn-aquarius cusp and some would say I’m not (yeah I love astrology ^_^) but I like to call myself a capricorn-aquarius cusp, since I can relate a lot to both of them. Also I adore cats, I like dogs a lot too, but cats are just my cutiepies; “I’m not a crazy catlady, just a cat-enthusiast.” I love learning languages, I speak German and English (and Dutch ofc :P) and I’m currently learning Spanish and Korean. And I love K-pop, my two favourite bands are EXO and BTS, but I like a lot of varied K-pop songs. That was it for now, I guess. You can contact me on kakaotalk or send an e-mail, if you want to chat about Korea. My kakao-ID is ‘Lotte3316’  🙂