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The Bangtan Boys, or as the popular abbreviation: BTS. This is my second favorite boyband and I really like it, because their music differentiates a lot between strong, powerful hip-hop/pop to very deep, meaningful and emotional pop. Some examples are the fun, powerful song: their newest single FIRE, the powerful and deep song: I Need U and the sweet love rap/ song (I know that sounds like a weird combination, but I don’t know how to describe it any other way :p) : Just One Day. Their dancing skills are just WOW. Like if you’d check out Dope for example, that’s one of the best dance performances in a music video I’ve ever seen. They’re with seven members but they’re so in sync, that it looks like they all move as one person. It’s just abnormal. Hmm, let me think… what else can I tell you about BTS? Well they have really fun personalities, so variety shows with BTS in them are a recommendation. BTS debuted in (okay I think it was 2012, but let me look it up for you… Okay so I found out I wasn’t right, ugh I’m such a bad fan 🙁  ) 2013, but they have been around since 2010, since the member line up constantly changed. Rap-Monster is the only one left from the original line up from 2010. And I know “Rap-Monster” sounds a bit egocentric, BUT if you’d hear him rap, you’d totally understand it. He’s just amazing at rapping and definitely deserves his name. Below are the music videos of songs mentioned in this post, have fun watching/listening to them!! 😀





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