National Hangeul Day???

안녕하세요~~~ (annyeonghaseyo means hello. If it’s a question it means how are you?/ are you in peace?)

I found out this morning when I woke up and checked my instagram feed that apparently yesterday was NATIONAL HANGEUL DAY! I found out since some members of exo (a kpop band -in case you didn’t know-) had posted something like “yay it’s Hangeul day, let’s cherish Hangeul!”. As the curious person I am, I thought let’s browse the internet for some more information on this awesome sounding holiday. As I was doing that I found out quite a lot:

  • it has only been a holiday since 2013.

  • the korean alphabet exists since 1446.
  • it was created because with the chinese writing it was way too hard to learn all the characters for people who couldn’t pay for a good education.
  • the name of the alphabet has changed a few times throughout the centuries.

So now you know some more about Hangeul and Hangeul day.

Let’s cherish Hangeul 🙂

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